Pokemon Go, in Germany and the USA ‘Go say hello to Summer Fest

Pokemon Go, in Germany and the USA 'Go say hello to Summer Fest

Slowly, behind the cold winter days, and spring flowers are starting to open. Companies also have started preparations for the event to celebrate the arrival of spring. Fest Pokemon Go, augmented reality, physical objects in the real world of interactions with the application are gathered with an event. The participants in this şenlik can participate in the specific activities of the şenlik and they have a chance to meet each other.

The şenlik will be held in Chicago for the third time this year. The first şenlik of yasal debates, and the connection had ended in a big fiasco because of the issues held with the participation of 21 thousand players in the last year even though the şenlik quite liked it. .

The city also hosted last year’s şenlik, Dortmund, Germany. This year’s şenlik will be held in Westfalenpark. You will get information about the city of Dortmund players in the game.

Niantic CEO John Hanke, last year’s Şenlik where thousands of players come together for defining their experience as memorable as the events described.

‘Go Fest Pokemon: Dortmund has been identified as dates June 4-7. An event will be held between the dates of June 13-16 in Chicago. Activities for a summer activity and evrensel challenges will be published for the whole world, it won’t just be exclusive to the şenlik.

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