Xbox One Games Price In India ‘Prank’ Deserves A Raise

Xbox One Games Price In India 'Prank' Deserves A Raise

The already high level of game consoles and console games. Especially AAA games which are known as new and the prices was quite high. Xbox One price hike in India, together with the prices of games almost hit the ceiling.

Made a statement about the reason for the hikes. And especially the new AAA-level games, the level rose to almost unbelievable prices. The prices of the games, depending on the version and even exceed 800 TL.

The prices are almost one hundred percent show an increase of some games and almost every game has received its fair share from this hike. The price Control of the game 145 $ 395 TL by jumping attracted great attention. In this situation the players are pretty upset, even angry will make it looks like.

The price of an Xbox Game Pass has anekdot changed. The game is still sold for 59 TL monthly pass, but also raise the likelihood of this service at any moment.

Here are the old and new prices of the Xbox games:

Division 2:

Standard pack old price: 339 TL new standard package price: 602 TL Gold package old price: TL 439 old Gold package price: 837 TL

Control pre-order:

Old price: 145 GBP new price: 395 £

Red Dead Redemption 2:

Old price: 469 TL new price: TL 566

Mortal Kombat pre-order:

Old price: TL 102 new price: 352 TL created by

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