The total value is $ 30, which for a short time 5 free Android game

The total value is $ 30, which for a short time 5 free Android game

The first of the month of April with a list of free Android games. This is on our list as well as those who love simulation games where you can discover puzzle games and horror games. Look here new games for free games phones to take callers for a short while.

City Taxi V1 1988

Regular price: 1,39 TL

Installation number: 1.000.000+

Taxi crazy when we were kids we played a different version of this game which is as the name implies, your cab will take you to where you want to go jump in customers in and around the city. Free driving mode, with regular content updates and detailed maps of the 1988 City Taxi V1, can be a good alternative for your free time.

DOWNLOAD D City Taxi V1 1988

Paranormal Territory

Regular price: 0,99 TL

Number of installation: up to 50,000+

Classic horror and Paranormal adventure game which is in the territory, and those who fear love playing the mobile game is an ideal game for those who want to get extremely nervous. Also if you like the first game, the second game of the series for a short time, also it’s free.

Collected in the territory of the paranormal 2 Download paranormal Territory supporting: DOWNLOAD


Regular price: 15,99 TL

Installation number: 1.000+

Kensho those who love puzzle games should definitely check it out, Play Store ‘editor’s choice’ between games. Game, nice graphics, original music and also your ears as well as will appeal to the host 11.



Regular price: 0,69 TL

Installation number: 100.000+

Monument Valley, and an explosion in the popularity of mobile 3D puzzle games, this type of many games to come out for the occasion. If you liked the earlier games and I definitely gobotix melodrama and Monument Valley, you need to give it a chance.


Crosswords, Word Pro Fill

Regular price: 10,99 TL

Installation number: 1.000+

The last game on our list, crosswords, and word, as the name implies, a word puzzle game. Attachments and those who love to solve the puzzles in the puzzle of the newspaper in their spare time to play little games with support for 16 different languages including Turkish looking for, crosswords, Word can be a good alternative.

Pro d DOWNLOAD Crosswords Word-Fill

Discounts in the Google Play Store in the first week of the month of April which is the end of our article we have selected from among the games we shared with you. In the coming days we will continue to share games and applications free. Stay tuned anekdot to miss.

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