Mortal Kombat producer: Marvel Vs DC game we want to improve

Mortal Kombat producer: Marvel Vs DC game we want to improve

One of the funniest games of the game world who is behind the Mortal Kombat series, Ed Boon, DC and marvel both made statements in the first interview with Game Informer that excites fans. The Mortal Kombat series, NetherRealm Studios and DC owned the characters of injustice, kept alive of the games, situated between developers, Ed Boon, a Marvel Vs DC game could be possible, he said.

Marvel characters can take the place of a ‘fighting’ game did an interview with Marvel, whether on the question, ‘yes, I did “” Boon, that he should be talking about this right now. Excited to improve your game whether you are a Marvel on the question of, ‘Yes, definitely’ Boon who answer, ‘do a Marvel or Marvel Vs DC fighting game a fighting game, we would love to develop,’ he said.

Mortal Kombat NetherRealm Studios Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment’s subsidiary, are currently interested in 11, considering that the company’s DC it is possible we can say that the development of a game. Batman Vs Superman vs Captain Marvel of Marvel like Iron Man, or if he accepts such an exciting partnership, we can see great matches.

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