Into 5 Game For Xbox Live Gold Members Special Discounts

Into 5 Game For Xbox Live Gold Members Special Discounts

Microsoft, Xbox Live Gold members this week, many discount offers. We also have discounts for you we have listed 5 of the most conspicuous among these. Without further ado, get discounts.

The Escapists

Bayağı price: 49 TL

Discount price: 12,25 TL

The Escapists, prison, and quite a fun experience it gives the players way. The game is anekdot in an open prison, but to participate in the poll, go to the cafeteria, daily cleaning chores done or get an open world game where you can perform your daily activities such as planning an escape. Detailed information about the game can be found here.

Farming Inupiaq 17: Platinum Edition

Regular price: TL 152

Discount Price: 76 TL

In the last period of simulation games has gained a good momentum. This campaign, which is one of the greatest representatives of Inupiaq Inupiaq Farming Farming series 17 in this version of the game in 2017 in South America, AGCO brand agricultural plantations and more than 280 tools available. More detailed information about the game can be found here.

The Escapists & The Escapists: The Walking Dead

Regular price: 60,20 TL

Discount price: 15,05 TL

The Escapists The Escapists The game we were talking about earlier this discount: to qualify for a package sold in conjunction with The Walking Dead game. The Escapists The portrayal of Rick Grimes: The Walking Dead game, it is possible to experience nostalgia with the original game mechanics escapist. More detailed information can be found here.


Regular price: it’s 31,25 TL

Discount price: 9,37 TL

Tacoma is a pretty short game. You are able to comfortably finish the game in one sitting. Tacoma, the story will draw you in to a science fiction story that will blow your mind. Walking gameplay mechanics in the game which can be considered as a simulation of the players is quite satisfying. More detailed information about the Tacoma can be found here.

The Gold Club 2

Regular price: £ 118,75

Discount price: 29,69 TL

The Golc Club 2, so far developed the largest, most dynamic the game of golf is described as. The game is single-player you can test yourself in Career Mode or in online mode you can compete with other players, fierce. The Golf Club 2, top-level graphics is full of many players took note. More detailed information about the game can be found here.

We listed the most prominent among this week’s discounts on Xbox Live Gold the end of the news. Remember to stay in your pursuit of our site for more.

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