Fortnite Players In This Week’s Mission: ‘To Discover The Highest 5 Places On The Island’

Fortnite Players In This Week's Mission: 'To Discover The Highest 5 Places On The Island'

Fortnite players, the highest in the region, this week’s show ready to go for a ride. Fortnite, 8. six weeks of the season to complete a mission within the scope of duties for this week’s five places you need to go to the highest on the island.

According to a statement is reached in the region are high and a sign will appear that shows you how each time you have completed this task will mean that. Go and dance there for a few seconds to make sure the task is complete. However, you do need to hurry you into this space before other players pack.

The aforementioned marks you can see on the map that is shown in the picture above. Fortnite in the coming days we will continue to update you weekly tasks. Stay tuned anekdot to miss.

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