Employees Arrested For Brandishing Death Threats To Square Enix

Employees Arrested For Brandishing Death Threats To Square Enix

According to Livedoor News, published news, a man, Square Enix’s Tokyo office on February 5 to “Hey employees are ready, I’ll kill you tomorrow” in the form of an e-mail sent. A threatening message in Japanese, ‘wash your neck’ means ‘oratorio kubi’ 首洗っとけよ in the form of ends. In fact, the origin of this phrase is based on the ritual samurai suicide. A samurai who can’t serve his master well enough to honor his master trying to kill yourself with harakiri writhing in pain to ease his pain to the person who cut his head ‘gently’ was called. Gently use this phrase would work while carrying out their duties. Someone washed his neck it means to be ‘prepare for death’, I meant it.

Threatening e-mails sent, the company has stepped up security measures. Threatening e-mails the person who was caught and confessed to the crime on March 29. Said of the game, 200,000 yen $1.279 when I didn’t get the stuff you want to spend and he wanted to get revenge.

This past the month of October, containing approximately thirty death threats similar to this in the e-mail was sent to the company. In each case investigating authorities have suspicions, they said.

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