Published two new subscription package for mobile PUBG

Published two new subscription package for mobile PUBG

The game player Battle Royale Tencent unknown’s Battlegrounds, is known as one of the first of the genre. Briefly PUBG called game still is very successful.

Two new players added to the game with some of the subscription advantages. The first of these is $ 0.99 a basic package. Prime Coin is given to players who subscribe to this package and named 5 unknown Points by using a daily Battle gives you a chance to do some shopping. Currently at discount for $ 4.99 but the actual sold price is $ 9.99 plus Prime which contains many different advantages.

Prime Plus is a member of, starring unknown coin while earning the chance to shop with 20 Battle Points Per Day, too. Also, people who subscribe to this package, in-game loot and stuff for daily benefit from discounts. Of the package members also gaining Rp 10 per day. With this membership, users can also Crate Classic daily Raffle for a 50% discount can benefit from.

Prime PUBG subscribe to one of the packages, although it looks like a ola─čan player aren’t going to contribute a lot to the game in an assertive way that would also provide significant benefits to players who play regularly and it’s clear. Both players can purchase the package if they wish.

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