PUBG the creator of announced the coming of 2 PUBG

PUBG the creator of announced the coming of 2 PUBG

Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG PUBG away from other projects that would focus on would be the news we have shared with you previously. His most recent statement, according to Greene, the type of Battle Royale was left behind completely.

Brendan Greene, who made a statement about future plans, the following expressions used: “I want to play, there are a lot of ideas for games that other people want to play. For this to work yet because we haven’t started we are in the process of setting up a team anyway. I don’t know what to do yet. I like the idea of being the last man on a game concept, but I did it. I ain’t here I’ll give you 2 PUBG guarantee. Type Battle Royale is now behind akıl, now it is time to try something else. How we can help keep people coordinated in a better way we can connect and we will work on this.”

Whatever Greene was talking about the ideas, anekdot a battle royale of the game. Greene online game for the system rather than in a coordinated way that reflects more of a battle royale type of game wants to create. For this, PUBG, and a second in the game will anekdot be very clear.

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