Metro Was Stolen In The Store Product Keys Epic Exodus: Validity Cancelled

Metro Was Stolen In The Store Product Keys Epic Exodus: Validity Cancelled

Last on the 15th of the month of February was released and greeted with great appreciation by the players, Metro Exodus, published by Deep Silver a highly successful FPS first person shooter game. Epic Games who made a deal with Deep Silver, the game is extremely cheap at a sale price through the store past has issued an epic in the process.

The game’s publisher, Deep Silver, today responded in a statement on Steam:

“Illegal key by the suppliers of the game, from the exodus to the villages, we realized that the Metro is sold. Sold the keys to the game, the physical game key production facilities especially in the epic game store the keys that we have determined has been achieved. In this context, the validity of the license does anekdot have all the keys that we had to cancel”

The logo of the exodus from Epic Games sold by steam, it was the boxed game.

The broadcaster also Metro Last Light which is the UK-based company, the words: “has been removed from the libraries of games with license keys that enables users. This platform Epic Store Metro Exodus sold on all of the keys so it’s stolen it’s illegal. If you are one of the people affected in this situation, communicate with the vendor you purchased the key of the game is unlicensed and we encourage you to request a refund of your money immediately.”

Negotiated with vendors of Product Key only “Humble Bundle” and “Razer Store” who says Deep Silver, once you have authenticated the users of this smuggling when they report that they are anekdot able to update their games as a result of the review, the game is sold anekdot the picture of the key, that has been found to be stolen and conveyed.

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