Gearbox Software Announced: Borderlands 3, Epic Games Store On September 13

Gearbox Software Announced: Borderlands 3, Epic Games Store On September 13

Developed by Gearbox Software and borderlands of the company that will publish the official news came from just 3 games 2K. About an hour ago from the companies according to the reports, it became clear that the game would be Epic Games officially sold in stores. The date of the first sale of the game on September 13th. Epic Games Epic Games that are negotiated with the game just by 2020 will be sold at the store. More detail about the game day of 1 May, it was announced that a live broadcast will be shown in gearbox that it will establish.

A new promotional video was released about the game;

Vault Hunters new to the game also brought the developer team made a statement about the quartet; quartet Vault Hunters Moze, Amara and Zane fl4k consists of;

Moze sniper

Amara punch destroys his enemies with their expert and sirens,

FL4K Hunter,

Zane chaos creating war strategies in such areas as specialists.

Apart from all that Gearbox, the game would be packlerin skin of weapons in the game; while you continue where you left off at the time you want with your friends that are synchronized in the way you will play in an independent manner indicated. The game will be released in 4 different versions, and these versions, Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe and collector’s Diamond Loot Chest will be. Different versions have different features and prices will also predictably will be $ 50 and $ 250 will vary between.

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